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Licensed Clinical Psychologist


First Contact: Telephone or Email Inquiry
First Contact

The evaluation process begins with a first contact to answer general questions, to determine if I am the right match for your assessment needs, and for scheduling purposes.

Please contact me directly via email at

or by telephone (978) 219-9244. 

Please leave me a message including your name and number as well as the best time to reach you.  I will contact you within one or two business days.

Parent Feedback Meetings and Follow-Up Consultations
Parent Feedback Meeting

After the testing is completed, parents are invited for a parent feedback meeting.  Typically, the feedback is scheduled 1 or 2 weeks following the student testing session. 

The feedback meeting usually takes about 1 hour.  This meeting is for parents only (without the student) in order to review the results of the evaluation, answer questions, and discuss recommendations

and next steps.

Parent Intake Meeting and Parent Consultations
Parent Intake Meeting

A parent intake meeting is scheduled and required prior to the student testing session.  The intake can be scheduled at anytime, but usually takes place several weeks before testing.


The parent intake meeting typically takes about 45 minutes. This initial meeting helps me plan for the assessment.  It gives us a chance to discuss your concerns and your child's history, and review goals for the assessment and what will be completed. The parent intake meeting is for parents only (one or

both parents) without the student.

Written Report
Written Report

After the parent feedback meeting, I will prepare a written report. 

The report is a comprehensive detailing of the evaluation and includes all of the tests completed with explanations of each test, numerical test scores, and a narrative regarding the results, impressions, and recommendations. 

Reports are sent directly to parents, either electronically or via regular mail, at the parent's request, and are usually completed within 4 weeks of the last testing session. 

In-Person Testing Sessions
Testing Session

The time it takes to complete an evaluation varies depending upon the type of assessment. Other factors

include the student's age, attention,

work pace, and frequency and

length of breaks.  

Typically, testing sessions last approximately 2 - 4 hours.  At the intake meeting, I will give you an estimate

of how much time I will need.  We will also discuss if it would be best to split a

longer evaluation into two or more

testing sessions. 

While the student is working on the assessment battery, parents are given several questionnaires to complete.   

Future Consultation

Parents are always welcome to return

for further consultation and guidance at any time. Additional consultation

appointments are available to

further discuss the findings, review the report and recommendations, to plan

next steps, as well as to update

progress or any concerns in the future.

Consultations between Dr. Abber

and the student's school, providers, or other involved professionals can also be arranged to discuss the test results

and review recommendations.


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