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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Abber is a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts provider.  She is out-of-network for all other insurance plans.

Dr. Abber accepts private pay.  Full payment is due at the time of service.

For all BCBS members, the parent intake, feedback, and consultation meetings are generally covered services, along with your standard office copay. 

Neuropsychological evaluations are generally covered services by most BCBS insurance plans, for aspects of the evaluation that are deemed medically necessary and that are not exclusively for educational purposes. 

Note: your plan may require prior authorization for neuropsychological testing.  HMO plans routinely require prior authorization.  There may also be a deductible on your plan.  Please consult your insurance plan to determine prior authorization requirements as well as your deductible, if any.   

The following services can be included in your child's evaluation, but are not covered by insurance and are billed separately.

* Educational/academic achievement testing, including tests of reading, writing, and mathematics.

* Classroom observations.

* Attendance at team meetings.

* Testing services provided in a location other than my office.

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