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Evaluation Services

for Children and Adolescents

* Neuropsychological Evaluations

* Psychological Assessments

* Academic Achievement Evaluations

* Intellectual Functioning and Giftedness

* Parent and School Consultation Services

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Evaluation services for students struggling with challenges such as:

* Attention and focus

* Organization and executive functioning skills

* Information processing

* Academic learning difficulties

* Social skills

* Emotional functioning

* Behavioral regulation

Common referral questions include

diagnoses such as:


* Processing speed deficits

* Developmental delays

* Reading, writing, or math disabilities

* Autism spectrum disorder

* Nonverbal learning disorder

* Depression or other mood disorders

* Anxiety disorders

* Disruptive behavioral disorders




A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation typically includes the following assessments:

* General cognitive abilities 

                  - Verbal comprehension

                  - Visual spatial abilities

                  - Fluid reasoning

                  - Working memory

                  - Processing speed

* Language processing

* Visual-perceptual and visual-motor skills


* Attention and executive functioning skills


* Memory and learning


* Social, emotional, and behavioral status

More focused neurocognitive, psychological, and educational evaluations are also offered as indicated.